You are dating a coward if

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You are dating a coward if

And what is said here of stealing applies equally to courage, cowardice, creativity . If I had been He, and understood the forces I was handling, I would have been too big a coward to do it.” ― “Fuck, fuck, fuck. As soon as Furi saw the hurt on Syn’s face, he’d immediately wanted to take those spiteful words back.Furi was scared shitless, and he was indeed projecting, just like Syn said he was.” text goes unanswered for weeks, others can be a little cloudy.Like maybe it goes from texting a few times a day to every other day, or long messages go to short one-word answers ― neither of which are fun and can lead you to freak out.Of course I didn’t get a response, but at least I was putting it out there and felt better by letting him know that I knew what he was up to.

Although some ghosting cases are clear as day, as in your “What do you want to do tonight? Ghosting, in case you’re late to the party, is when someone you’ve been dating just ceases all communication with you and pretty much drops off the face of the planet.One day you can think everything is going well and you’re about ready to finally introduce the person you’re seeing to your parents, then suddenly they’re gone.Syn was trying to stick by him, contrary to what Furi’s mind was telling him.Syn was trying to put forth the effort to be with him, and Furi wasn’t cutting him an inch of slack.

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Without someone in common to point out just how cowardly it is to ghost, the ghoster (yes, we’re making that word now) can just disappear, leaving the person they ghosted wondering what the eff the did.