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The app could show you, say, a Friday night beer tasting at the brewery you've been meaning to try — and then present a list of possible matches who said they would also want to go.

From there you can start a private chat, make a plan and meet up.

Facebook is launching a dating feature inside its core app for users who are single — and it looks like the service will feature at least one main difference from its rivals: Connecting people through shared events.

It's a feature that aims to distinguish the company not just from the industry-leading Bumble and Tinder, but from rivals like Ok Cupid and Hinge who have somewhat similar offerings to what Facebook plans.

Facebook's dating feature — in many ways separate from the core app — will tie in Events from the larger platform, allowing users to "unlock" an event and indicate to other singles on the app that they're interested in attending.

"It mirrors the way people actually date, which is usually at events and institutions that they're connected to," chief product officer Chris Cox said during the announcement.

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"Perhaps Bumble and Facebook can join forces to make the connecting space even more safe and empowering," the spokesperson said in a statement.

"Facebook could have used swiping in its attempt to enter the dating space, but instead they clearly drew inspiration from Hinge.

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