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Who is rooney mara dating

After graduating from Bedford's Fox Lane High School, she went to Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in South America for four months as part of the Traveling School, an open learning environment.

She attended George Washington University for a year and then transferred to New York University, where she studied international social policy psychology and nonprofits.

The charity's goal is to build an orphanage in the region, for which six acres of land have been purchased.

The charity auctions memorabilia from the Steelers and Giants, as well as training camp events on e Bay to raise money.

She appeared with her sister Kate in the video horror movie Düstere Legenden 3 (2005), billing herself as "Patricia Mara".

As "Tricia Mara", she had guest roles on television and won her first lead in the movie Die Mädchen von Tanner Hall (2009), which was shot in the fall of 2007.

She had thought of acting after watching old movies and attending musical theater, but did not think of it as a serious vocation and was afraid she might fail at this.

Her grandfathers were Wellington Mara, co-owner of the Giants, and Timothy Rooney, owner of Yonkers Raceway, and her grand-uncle is Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney, the former Ambassador to Ireland.Several sources, including Vogue and Entertainment Weekly, reported that the piercings (including multiple ear, eyebrow, and nipple piercings) that Rooney Mara sports, as Lisbeth Salander, in Verblendung (2011) were real, not cosmetic simulations.Mara got the piercings in a series of sessions in Brooklyn and Sweden.She began seriously focusing on acting when she was at New York University, appearing in student films.Inspired by her older sister, actress Kate Mara, she began to pursue the craft, auditioning for acting jobs at age 19.

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