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He never spoke of the abuse back then, but his peers seized on his vulnerability and tormented him relentlessly.“They had two nicknames for me: Blackie and Faggot Mike,” Mr. “I was very soft, very fragile.”Though formal acting was not yet on the horizon, his life became a kind of delicate performance as he desperately tried to conform.

“It’s a sacrifice I’ve chosen to make.”The Vanderveer of Mr.“The Wire,” HBO’s five-season epic of Baltimore life, is a perennial contender for the greatest television series ever, and Michael K.Williams, in his role as the stickup man Omar Little, its most memorable actor.His nimble moves even landed him some work as a part-time backup dancer.Then one night at a bar in Queens, on the eve of his 25th birthday, he stepped outside to find a group of men jumping his friend.

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But on the show’s first day of filming, when a prop person handed him his character’s signature shotgun, Mr.