Who is kunal nayyar dating

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Interestingly, Kunal's character in the sitcom, Raj can hardly utter a word to a girl.

Do See: 12 Funny Things That Happen At The First 'Arranged Marriage Meeting' Between Two Families But here in real life, Kunal was fast to react and act and initiated the talks by offering to buy a drink for the lady.

After an unfortunate crush which saw him coveting Bernadette even though she was with Howard, he's moved on in the dating pool.

We've seen him with people like Lucy and Emily Sweeney.

It was not just a day’s ritual, but elaborate six days affairs with different ceremonies and celebrations.

However, Stuart has a lot of Star Wars knowledge and manages to impress Denise to the point where she calls him "hot." So, yes, even Stuart had a big date for the wedding, while Raj was just left with his Star Wars questions.

Potentially, there's still time for Raj to find love.

There was something more than physical beauty at play when she was walking. I will never forget that till the day I die.” "They take six days. One day is the henna festival, one day is the cocktail festival, one day is the actual wedding, then the reception.

I just wish I could go back to my wedding as a guest." Take a look at these as well: Best Candid Couple Shots Captured By The Top Indian Wedding Photographers In 2014, the couple took a romantic trip to Hawaii and were spotted taking strolls on the beaches of Maui.

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He proposed Neha to visit LA and just three weeks later, she was LA bound.