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“One of the things that [director James Gray] and I felt strongly that we wanted to explore in the film,” Hunnam said, “was the conflict between family life and the exterior demands that are made on us and the social and economic demands that we all need to deal with in life, being balanced or in conflict with the internal drive, to be the people we want to be and achieve the things that we want to achieve.” But where does that leave things with Hunnam and the girlfriend he promised to write to?Well, while Colombian mail system failed him, the jewel market did not.While ending a character he was so used to playing was hard for him, having to step in to defend his girlfriend, Morgana Mc Nelis, was also another emotional rollercoaster for Charlie Hunnam.He recently stepped up to defend his longtime girlfriend against online bullies, who have taken to attacking her in cyberspace and call themselves his fans, according to the .It didn’t remedy all of the trouble I was in, but it got me halfway there.” [From EW] If you were dating an actor and he dropped off the face of the earth for five months without calling, writing, emailing, telegramming or anything else, wouldn’t you just assume you had been dumped? And then he just shows up five months later and he’s like, Lainey at Lainey Gossip was complaining about the white male privilege that goes along with “Method acting” and how these dude-bros basically use their Method as an excuse to act like total a—holes.What bugs is that everyone lets them get away with it too – even Charlie’s girlfriend!Charlie Hunnam is asking fans to stop the negative comments about his girlfriend Morgana Mc Nelis.“It has been brought to my attention that there is a group of immature girls posting a large number of hard messages aimed at my long time girlfriend,” Charlie wrote on Facebook, via a friend, on a fan page.

Charlie told the story to Entertainment Weekly and he made it sound like he did it to be so “Method Actor.” Blah.

Brad Pitt and his production company Plan B were working for years to put the film together, and Brad was supposed to star at one point.

At another point, Benedict Cumberbatch was cast but he eventually dropped out as the production start date kept changing.

The post has been taken down, but you can see it here. She is an intelligent, beautiful, kind person who just tried to live a simple life and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry.” “What is most confusing is that these negative and totally unprovoked attacks appear to be coming from the people who call themselves my fans. This is a girl I love very much and have spent the last eleven years of my life with and hope to spend the next sixty years. Morgana, meanwhile, responded on her company Maison de Morgana‘s Facebook page.

She has been my loyal and supportive partner long before I had any success or money. “I just wanted to say I very deeply appreciate all of the kind words said in my defense.

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When Charlie Hunnam agreed to play 19th-century explorer Percy Fawcett — opposite Robert Pattinson as fellow traveler Henry Costin — in the film adaptation of David Grann’s The Lost City of Z, he knew it wouldn’t be easy.

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