What is sprrd dating

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What is sprrd dating

Consult your owner's manual for other warnings or advice related to your specific vehicle.

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Confused about what that letter means right after your tire size?

Ever had someone at a tire shop ask what your speed rating was and didn't know what the person meant?

This is less about selling more expensive tires, although that ends up being the functional consequence, and more about fears of liability.

The “official line” that tire sellers generally get is, “Don't ever put on a lower speed rating than what was already on the car.” This, although good advice in general, has to be balanced against the car manufacturers' predilection for putting increasingly over-rated tires onto new cars.

This is good information to have for a number of reasons, some of which actually include the likelihood of you ever being able to sustain even the lowest of speeds that passenger car tires are rated for.

That's ultimately a choice for you, not the tire seller.

A caveat: The speed ratings are based on lab conditions and don't take into consideration an extra-heavy load in the vehicle or the heat and condition of the pavement.

This is something that you as a consumer should be aware of.

Do you need the more expensive, better-built tire that will perform beautifully at 90 mph, or will you be better off with the cheaper one that works just fine at 65–75 mph but maybe doesn't do as well at 90–100 mph and might fail at 150 mph?

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It's hard to understate the importance of knowing what the speed ratings really mean.

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