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If you want to read more about being a Chat Mod with Kinksters Chat, take a look here for more details.

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[servers] n0=Random server SERVER:net:6660-6667GROUP: DALnet n1=AS, MY, Mesra SERVER:net:6665-6668,7000GROUP: DALnet n2=AS, SG, Hotspeed SERVER:net:6665-6668,7000GROUP: DALnet n3=EU, NO, Powertech SERVER:net:6665-6668,7000GROUP: DALnet n4=US, FL, Rumble SERVER:net:6665-6668,7000GROUP: DALnet n5=US, NY, Broadway SERVER:net:6665-6668,7000GROUP: DALnet n6=Random server SERVER:irc.efnet.info:6667GROUP: EFnet n7=Random server SERVER:irc.efnet.org:6667GROUP: EFnet n8=AS, Israel SERVER:irc.il:6667GROUP: EFnet n9=CA, ON, Toronto SERVER:ca:6665GROUP: EFnet n10=EU, DK, Aarhus SERVER:tele.dk:6661-6669GROUP: EFnet n11=EU, FI, Helsinki SERVER:hut.fi:6667GROUP: EFnet n12=EU, HU, Pecs SERVER:hu:6665-6669,7000,9000GROUP: EFnet n13=EU, NL, Amsterdam SERVER:efnet.xs4all.nl:6661-6669GROUP: EFnet n14=EU, NL, Ede SERVER:irc.efnet.nl:6660-6669GROUP: EFnet n15=EU, NO, Homelien SERVER:irc.homelien.no:6666,6667,7000GROUP: EFnet n16=EU, PL, Warszawa SERVER:irc.efnet.pl:6667GROUP: EFnet n17=EU, SE, Borlange SERVER:se:6666-6669,7000GROUP: EFnet n18=US, AZ, Phoenix (Blackened)SERVER:irc.blackened.com:6665-6669GROUP: EFnet n19=US, AZ, Phoenix (Easynews)SERVER:irc.easynews.com:6660,6665-6667,7000GROUP: EFnet n20=US, CA, San Jose (Blessed)SERVER:irc.blessed.net:6665-6669GROUP: EFnet n21=US, CA, San Jose (He)SERVER:net:6665-6669,7000GROUP: EFnet n22=US, CA, San Luis Obispo SERVER:irc.prison.net:6666-6667GROUP: EFnet n23=US, FL, Boca Raton SERVER:verio.net:6665-6669GROUP: EFnet n24=US, FL, Orlando SERVER:irc.colosolutions.net:6665-6669,7000GROUP: EFnet n25=US, GA, Atlanta SERVER:irc.mindspring.com:6660-6669,7000GROUP: EFnet n26=US, IL, Chicago SERVER:irc.servercentral.net:6660-6669,7000GROUP: EFnet n27=US, MI, Ann Arbor SERVER:irc.umich.edu:6664-6667GROUP: EFnet n28=US, MN, Twin Cities SERVER:edu:6665-6669GROUP: EFnet n29=US, NJ, New Jersey SERVER:irc.choopa.net:6666-6669,7000GROUP: EFnet n30=US, NY, New York SERVER:net:6665-6669,7000GROUP: EFnet n31=Random server SERVER:irc.gamesurge.net:6667GROUP: Game Surge n32=Random EU server SERVER:gamesurge.net:6667GROUP: Game Surge n33=Random server SERVER:open.ircnet.net:6666-6668GROUP: IRCnet n34=US Random server SERVER:ircnet.net:6665-6668GROUP: IRCnet n35=AS, IL, Haifa SERVER:ircnet.il:6666-6668GROUP: IRCnet n36=EU, AT, Linz SERVER:at:6666-6668GROUP: IRCnet n37=EU, AT, Wien SERVER:at:6666-6668GROUP: IRCnet n38=EU, CH, Basel SERVER:irc.datacomm.ch:6664-6670GROUP: IRCnet n39=EU, CZ, Prague SERVER:cvut.cz:6667GROUP: IRCnet n40=EU, DE, Random SERVER:de:6666-6668GROUP: IRCnet n41=EU, DK, Copenhagen SERVER:irc.dotsrc.org:6666-6668GROUP: IRCnet n42=EU, EE, Random SERVER:irc.ircnet.ee:6666-6668GROUP: IRCnet n43=EU, FI, Helsinki SERVER:hut.fi:6667GROUP: IRCnet n44=EU, FR, Paris SERVER:ircnet.club-internet.fr:6666-6668GROUP: IRCnet n45=EU, HU, Budapest SERVER:hu:6667-6670GROUP: IRCnet n46=EU, IS, Reykjavik SERVER:irc.simnet.is:6660-6669GROUP: IRCnet n47=EU, IT, Rome SERVER:irc.eutelia.it:6664-6669,7000GROUP: IRCnet n48=EU, IT, Rome SERVER:it:6665-6669GROUP: IRCnet n49=EU, LV, Riga SERVER:irc.apollo.lv:6666-6669,7000GROUP: IRCnet n50=EU, NL, Amsterdam (xs4all)SERVER:irc.xs4all.nl:6660-6669GROUP: IRCnet n51=EU, NL, Enschede SERVER:utwente.nl:6660-6669GROUP: IRCnet n52=EU, NO, Oslo SERVER:uio.no:6667GROUP: IRCnet n53=EU, NO, Trondheim SERVER:ntnu.no:6667GROUP: IRCnet n54=EU, PL, Lublin SERVER:pl:6666-6668GROUP: IRCnet n55=EU, PL, Warsaw SERVER:pl:6666-6668GROUP: IRCnet n56=EU, SE, Lulea SERVER:luth.se:6661-6669GROUP: IRCnet n57=EU, SE, Stockholm SERVER:irc.swipnet.se:6660-6670,8000GROUP: IRCnet n58=EU, SI, Ljubljana SERVER:irc.arnes.si:6666-6669GROUP: IRCnet n59=EU, SK, Bratislava SERVER:irc.nextra.sk:6666-6669GROUP: IRCnet n60=EU, UK, London SERVER:ircnet.uk:6665-6669GROUP: IRCnet n61=US, FL, Miami SERVER:ircnet.eversible.com:6665-6669GROUP: IRCnet n62=US, NJ, Jersey SERVER:ircnet.choopa.net:6665-6669GROUP: IRCnet n63=Random server SERVER:irc.link-net.org:6667GROUP: Link Net n64=Random server SERVER:irc.quakenet.org:6667-6669GROUP: Quakenet n65=Random DE server SERVER:de.quakenet.org:6667-6669GROUP: Quake Net n66=Random SE server SERVER:se.quakenet.org:6667-6669GROUP: Quake Net n67=Random UK server SERVER:uk.quakenet.org:6667-6669GROUP: Quake Net n68=Random US server SERVER:us.quakenet.org:6667-6669GROUP: Quake Net n69=Random EU server SERVER:eu.undernet.org:6667GROUP: Undernet n70=Random US server SERVER:us.undernet.org:6667GROUP: Undernet n71=EU, BE, Elsene SERVER:eu.undernet.org:6667-6669,7000GROUP: Undernet n72=EU, FI, Helsinki SERVER:eu.

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server SERVER:gr:6667GROUP: Hellenic Net n205=Random server SERVER:irc.hollimyer.com:6665-6669GROUP: Hollimyer n206=Random server SERVER:irc.illumichat.net:6667-6669,7000GROUP: Illumichat n207=Random server SERVER:irc.immortal-anime.net:6660-6669,7000GROUP: Immortal-Anime n208=Random server SERVER:irc.imperium.ca:6660-6667GROUP: Imperium n209=Random server SERVER:irc.infomatrix.net:6667GROUP: Infomatrix n210=Random server SERVER:irc.irc-chat.net:6664-6669,7000,7001GROUP: IRC-Chat n211=Random server SERVER:irc.cl:6667GROUP: IRC-Chile n212=Random server SERVER:irc.irc-hispano.org:6667GROUP: IRC-Hispano n213=Main server SERVER:irc.by:6666-6669GROUP: IRC.

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You can use the following connection details to add Kinksters Chat to your IRC Client: Description: Kinksters Chat Server: irc.Port: 6667-6670 (use 6697 for SSL) Password: (leave blank) Back to top If you need help using chat, or if you're having another problem that you feel you need help with, then please join the channel #Help (type /join #Help) and someone there will be able to assist you.

If you are unable to get an answer to your question in help, for any reason, you can ask the server to tell you what IRCops are available by typing: /ircops From this list, you can open a message window to an online IRCop by typing: /query ircopnickname Then typing your question in the window that opens.

Where password should be changed to the password you would like to have for your channel and everything after password is the Description of the channel More details about registering your own channel can be obtained by typing: /msg Chan Serv HELP REGISTER or /msg Chan Serv HELP Also, if you need help setting up your new channel, or have any questions, you can /join #Help where someone will be happy to assist you.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only receive memos if your nickname is registered with Nick Serv.

Back to top Please direct your comments, complaints and suggestions to admin [at] Back to top Kinksters Chat is always on the outlook for new Chat Mods, so if you feel that you are in agreement with our philosophy and you want to help our community, please contact any of the KC Officials so we might have a talk about the possibilities.

To request a v Host: Type /msg Host Serv REQUEST [email protected] a Kinksters Chat host setter has verified that your requested hostmask is not abusive, they will activate your hostmask and you will be notified when your hostmask is ready to use.

To turn on your v Host so that it applies to all the nicknames in your group: Ensure your nickname is the same as the one you used to request the v Host Type /msg Host Serv ON Type /msg Host Serv GROUP Back to top If you want to , you can type the following: /mode yournickname D For example, if your nickname was Kinkster69, you would type /mode Kinkster69 D If you want stop ignoring everyone, you would type /mode Kinkster69 -D If you want to , you can type the following: /mode yournickname R For example, if your nickname was Kinkster69, you would type /mode Kinkster69 R If you want stop ignoring everyone, you would type /mode Kinkster69 -R For KC Webclient Users /ignore Nickname To Ignore (ignores the nickname you specify (c As Es En Si Ti Ve)) /unignore Nickname To Ignore (takes the nickname you specify OFF your ignore list (c As Es En Si Ti Ve)) For m IRC Users /ignore -p Nickname To Ignore (ignore private messages from nickname) /ignore Nickname To Ignore (ignore all message from nickname, both private AND main) /ignore -r Nickname To Ignore (remove the nickname from your ignore list) /ignore -r (removes ALL ignores from your ignore list) For colloquy Users (desktop version) /ignore -p Nickname To Ignore "message" (ignore private messages from nickname) /ignore -p Nickname To Ignore (ignore all message from nickname, both private AND main) /ignore (pops up the ignore list where you can remove ignores For more colloquy info: click here For Hex/X-Chat Users /ignore Nickname To Ignore!

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This way you will have the same password for all your nicknames and memo's sent to one of your nicknames can be read by ANY of your nicknames.

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