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In the first part of this series Getting Started with Azure Cosmos DB, we looked at using Azure Cosmos DB for saving an individual’s fitness routine and why this database structure is better for this data than a SQL database while also showing that we still have to organize our structure like a file system organizes files.

We may choose to have no explanation in any document, but since documents aren’t required to have the exact same number of fields, we have this choice.

Context around performance matters: in some situations, we want to update the document, while in other situations, removing and adding a new document outperforms an update.

We can also select the document within the collection itself through the interface and update the fields and information directly, which may be useful if we’re using the Azure Cosmos DB as a configuration database or for dynamic meta information related to apps or processes and we have few documents.

We created five documents in our Azure Cosmos DB and we’ll first start by updating these documents with numerical values for measurements so that we can compare them when we add data.

We’ll start by querying our first document by using our unique identifier of the date and time of our routine (datetime Routine) in the Shell that we’ll want to update. We first specify the unique identifier of our document – in this case the date and time of the routine – then in the next set of brackets, we update the existing document fields.

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Applying the update packages is 100% optional but we do recommend you try to keep your PHP Melody website(s) up to date.

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