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What I don't get is why we can choose to throw an exception or not for this particular case.

Exists(), we can pass in an Element and a bool specifying whether to throw an exception if the validation fails.

We have many, many elements to validate and the default message for the Element validation, which explicitly uses the items name, is much better and more informative than the default message for the Repo Item Info validation, which is 'Self' for all of them. Hi, I believe your problem could be easily solved by using Repo Item Info.

Exists() with some additional handling what to do in case the element exists/does not exists.

Data Steward/Coordinator This lesson introduces the concepts of data validation and auditing, and how they affect data quality.

The lesson also structures opportunities to begin planning for an effective data audit process.

The discussion of tools and initiatives being implemented on a national level also allowed for the exchange of best practices and recommendations.

For the current session Oxygen will remember that it's a schema even if you just double click it, but if you restart, you'll have to through Open with again.

I thought the scenario would be picked up via the local root name "schema" and the namespace identifier, but even though the file ihas both of these items identical to the XSD file with the xs namespace, the validation scenario is not catching. This is what my xd files look like (first couple of lines): Hello, The namespace prefix is not relevant, just the namespace that it is bound to.

The namespace seems to be the correct one for XML Schema.

Hi, Just bought a new licence for the theme X and tried to validate as per the instructions in the knowledgebase, but not working.

I copied the licence (----) and pasted into the area 'Input Code and Hit Enter'. Can I have assistance with this licence issue thanks. Before you can use the license to validate the theme, you will have to assign the license as your production or staging url.

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Why the xs namespace is not used is unknown to me but there is no way I can change that.

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