Updating with select in sql server

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Use the following T-SQL Command to update the statistics for an index All you need is simply set Sql Bak maintenance job.You can do it in the following way: Go to your “Dashboard” page and click “Add new job” then select “Add maintenance job” Select the computer that you need to work with and check the SQL Server connection.If you do store it, you'll soon find differences between the stored data and the actual data and you'll find yourself plastering the database with triggers to keep the calculated column current after each update.Anyway, if you still feel that you have a valid reason for doing it like this, here is how you could accomplish it: UPDATE test1 SET tot_amount = (SELECT SUM(b.amount) FROM test2 AS b WHERE b.acc_no = test1.acc_no) This will update all rows in test1; those without matching rows in test2 will have tot_amount set to NULL.Starting with SQL Server 2017, we only get Cumulative Updates and GDRs (security fixes), not Service Packs.I’ve been asked a lot of questions about updating statistics in SQL Server over the years. Here’s a rundown of all the practical questions that I tend to get about how to maintain these in SQL Server.Statistics are lightweight and small objects which describe how data in SQL Server tables are distributed.

But SQL does not allow me to use sum function in update. But SQL does not allow me to usesum function in update. Don't store values that you can calculate, just calculate them when you retireve the data, as part of the SELECT statement ((or put it in a view if you want it easy).

Below we are going to show how to update statistics for an index, table and how to update all statistics.

You can do it using T-SQL Commands or simply set Sql Bak Maintenance Job (see below).

Yes, calculate up front in SELECT statement is a great idea, I also found it cumbersome to keep updating the column.

The only reason I didn't do it in SELECT is because I selected more than 30 variables at the same time (some of them are real variables and some of them are created using other variables). After creating a table and finishing 10 different UPDATE in a order, if I then found one update needs to be fixed, do I need to re-run the whole table and all other 9 updates? Hugo Kornelis wrote: Table test2 has multiple amounts for each account, I would like to sumthe amounts for the same account and use the result to update thevariable 'tot_amount' in table test1. Hi gooday, The best option is to not do this at all.

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Note, though, that updating statistics causes queries to recompile and experienced users recommend not to update statistic too often.

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