Updating the laptops bios software

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Updating the laptops bios software

I have never seen a bios update as part of a scheduled maintenance by a hardware manufacturer.

Is this typically not something that you instigate yourself?

Asus auto update sometimes will update the BIOS on its own, this causes your laptop to brick because forsay if you were playing a video game or doing some other task, this will interfere with the BIOS update and it'll cause a fail bios flash update, then your in trouble_ So just disable it in the settings menu in the program or uninstall it_ I have the latest bios version 223 already will it still try to update and brick me I have all drivers and programs to the latest versions so it shouldn't have to update anything soon or at least until asus releases some new updates witch I don't think that will be for awhile so what do you think should I kep it active or should I disable it? It is very simple to just log onto Asus web site and download and install manually any updates you think you need.

Do to the risk of bricking your NB I have it uninstalled on my NB.

You should see a list of available BIOS versions, along with any changes/bug fixes in each and the dates they were released. You’ll probably want to grab the newest BIOS version—unless you have a specific need for an older one.

If you purchased a pre-built computer instead of building your own, head to the computer manufacturer’s website, look up the computer model, and look at its downloads page. Your BIOS download probably comes in an archive—usually a ZIP file. Inside, you’ll find some sort of BIOS file—in the screenshot below, it’s the E7887IMS.140 file.

The BIOS update’s included README file should recommend the ideal option for your hardware.

Some manufacturers offer a BIOS-flashing option directly in their BIOS, or as a special key-press option when you boot the computer.

You copy the BIOS file to a USB drive, reboot your computer, and then enter the BIOS or UEFI screen.

Then again this is just me and MHO, I don't even let Microsoft automatically update my computers, I check every suggested update and uncheck any that I don't like.

Such as Video Card updates The best thing to do is just uninstall the "Asus Live Update".

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The archive should also contain a README file that will walk you through updating to the new BIOS.

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