Updating slingbox firmware

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Updating slingbox firmware

Wait until you're home before updating your Slingbox firmware If you're prompted to update the firmware for your Slingbox and you're away from home, the best advice is: wait.

Advanced IR emitter or onscreen remote control troubleshooting Here are some advanced troubleshooting steps to help you narrow down any issues with your IR Emitter cables (formerly called IR blaster) or the onscreen remote control, including a cool digital camera test. Here are some things to check if this happens to you!

How to get the latest firmware (internal software) for your Slingbox Does your Slingbox have the latest firmware, the internal software that makes it work?

Here's how to make sure that your Slingbox is up to date.

To update your firmware, you must access your Slingbox from a supported web browser (see link below for supported browsers) on your computer — you cannot update your Slingbox directly from any of the mobile versions of Sling Player.

If your firmware is out of date, when you go to Slingbox Setup at setup.you see a button on the right side of the window that says Check for Updates that you must click. This is probably because you are away from home (or not directly connected to your home network for some other reason).

Here are the LED behaviors for the most common Slingbox scenarios: The Slingbox is ready to stream when the Network and Power lights are on and not blinking.

Do you think that the issue might be with your Sling Links or Sling Link TURBO units? How to reset your Slingbox Certain situations may require you to reset your Slingbox.The Slingbox has not received a valid IP address from your router.The Slingbox needs its own IP address (a unique network number provided by your network router) to work within your home network.To my suprise the way to upgrade the firmware has gotten a lot easier than it used to be if I remember correctly.Follow the directions below to upgrade your Sling Box’s firmware using your Internet Explorer browser via Sling

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To find the latest versions of Slingplayer for Desktop or Sling Player for Mobile Devices, click here.

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