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With a database model, you have rows and columns like a spreadsheet.In addition, you can have indexes that allow you to do quick searches on your data.it is very inefficient to rewrite the file every time when you update a record. Another option is to use more of a "database" type model.You can use any of the readily available libraries, or roll your own.To get to song number 6, you can tell your CD player to go directly to track 6, whereas on a cassette tape, you must fast-forward through the first 5 songs to get to song number 6.In the earlier days of BASIC, before the "client-server era" where RAD systems such as VB, Delphi, and Power Builder interacted with desktop and ODBC databases such as MS-Access, SQL Server, and Oracle, random access files were used as building blocks to put together data access systems that could be considered early forms of desktop databases.

The difference between random access and sequential access can be likened to accessing music on a CD versus a cassette tape.File is a named location on disk to store related information.It is used to permanently store data in a non-volatile memory (e.g. Since, random access memory (RAM) is volatile which loses its data when computer is turned off, we use files for future use of the data.Random files are record-based files with an internal structure that supports "direct access" by record number.This means that your program can read from or write to a specific record in a random access file, say the 50th record, without reading through the previous 49 records.

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And, using this method, if we add fields to or remove fields from the structure, we don't have to worry about recalculating the total the record position within the file that is read.