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In a subsequent state, I might delegate in the Topfile to a follower node for additional compute nodes with a command like:in the last part of a follower state, where I use whatever logic might be appropriate — at present, I define much of this manually because my hardware is a known quantity, and my network management is a work in progress.Running a service like this in a zone, like I do, is a little more straightforward, and can be managed natively in Salt:consul-leader.local: smartos.vm_present: - config: reprovision: true - vmconfig: image_uuid: 7b5981c4-1889-11e7-b4c5-3f3bdfc9b88b brand: lx alias: consul-leader quota: 2 max_physical_memory: 2048 nics: "82:1b:8e:49:e" nic_tag: admin ips: - dhcpto store the relevant zone ID, and then download the binary to the zone filesystem, and then run the unarchive job from above on whatever path in the lx-brand zone filesystem.However, pkgsrc generally contains more and newer software. Mir Ports and pkgsrc can be installed and used in parallel.However, there is one caveat: the package tools are incompatible but they have the same names.

I run Consul in an lx zone to check the host into a scheduler for zones I run upstream of my Smart OS fleet, for example — a topic for another post entirely), and ensure that scripts I’d like to use (like the platform-upgrade script) are pulled down and available.

pkgsrc allows the easy installation of third-party software not contained in the base system.

It is very similar to Mir Ports, the ports framework developed by the Mir OS project, “native” on Mir OS.

) Therefore I need a non-root package manager on linux.

On Mac, there is Homebrew, which is very convenient and does not require root privileges.

updating pkgsrc-83updating pkgsrc-46updating pkgsrc-34

For updating, uninstall, and more, you can refer to pkgsrc’s documetation and wiki.

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