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Some customers complained of being stuck hundreds of miles from home without the benefit of GPS, or of being stuck in Southern California freeway traffic without air conditioning.In an e-mail statement, Lexus Communications Specialist Laura Conrad said that errant data can cause a vehicle’s head unit to “restart repeatedly, affecting operation of the navigation system (if equipped), audio and climate control features.” Vehicle owners who are experiencing problems need to take their vehicle to a Toyota or Lexus dealer where a “forced reset and clearing of the errant data from the system” will be performed, Conrad said.Apparently in 2010 they switched from the old dvd-swap update method, and it uses a hard drive now.

The navigation screen will display a message indicating the system is loading the new data.

I see "USB" on the official sites, but then I'm seeing information that the USB is just for the activation code or something. If that's the case and it can only be modified at a dealer, there probably won't even be anything in the menus about updating - I'll have to check that.

Damn, if the car were just 1 year older I'd be able to do this myself.

My uncle got stuck with this and wasted 125 dollars and it did not load. The DVD based navigation system is located in the trunk under the mat on the passenger side of the vehicle. It is about the size and shape of a self enclosed after-market radio.

All you need to do is load the new version DVD from the dealer into the unit and follow the screen prompts. It sole purpose is to provide the Navigation information for the vehicle.

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The Navigation screen will display a message indicating there is not disk installed.