Updating database in asp net

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Updating database in asp net

Double click NETWORK SERVICE, click OK, then tick MODIFY. Data Set Extensions.5.0.0__b77a5c561934e089\System. In your initial post, you said that an error appears "on compilation". Or do you mean it happens after you have compiled the site and attempt to insert or update some data? I am sending an email from my Application (C#.net). I want to know whether i can update database on clicking approve or reject button without opening any link to my application. But it all depends on your requirement as what you want to do. Hi Shivank, Thanks for your post, it is possible to update the database on some conditions.

But before you do that, there are a couple of other things to try - one is to Response. Username) to make sure the NETWORK SERVICE account is the correct one, and the second is to confirm that you are actually applying the permissions to the correct folder - you don't have two copies of the site knocking about on your computer do you? It requires an automatic login into your application which can bring a security risk.What I would do Keep an action table with unique identifiers and actions and some additional info actionguid userid groupguid expiry action 1234 987 abcd 2015/10/01 update table mytable set approved='true' where PK=3456 1235 987 abcd 2015/10/01 update table mytable set approved='false' where PK=3456 Button / hyperlinks in the email with the actionguid in the querystring On click, user is taken to the application; personally I would take him/her to the login page.After login, lookup the actionguid, verify the userid and execute the query in the action column.Next remove all entries that belong together from the table (identified by groupguid).

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If you don't use a login page, you can immediately execute the associated query; risk is that somebody can intercept emails and execute the query.