Updating clearcase checkin comments Camchat hotcam

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Updating clearcase checkin comments

Fix: Sporadic slow performance of a dynamic view on Oracle Solaris occurs when there is a conflict between kernel services using the same udp port for RPCs. Problem: Clear Case clearmake may print out a warning message with an invalid signal number when a sub-process exits without properly being detected by the abe.

Problem: Clear Case reop triggers do not block the request for mastership in synchronous request for mastership checkouts and mkelems.Fix: CAL was fixed to properly report "owner" and "group" values without corrupting memory.Problem: rcleartool lsproject was requiring a "project:" selector prefix when it should not have been needed.Problem: In the RTC client where the Clear Case CTE plugin is installed, the user encounters an internal error occurred during: "Getting toolbar activities" when click a UCM view from Clear Team Navigator.Fix: Fix the code where the unnecessary exception was thrown.

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