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Updating camera raw

Head over to Adobe’s help document on Flat-Field Correction to learn more.

One final note is that the Auto settings function in all of the Lightroom family applications was also updated to improve overall performance.

This Home view will eventually get added to Lightroom Desktop too (Windows and Mac).

The interactive tutorials provide you direct access to the tutorial photo and then walks you, step-by-step, through each adjustment.

Previously, if a memory card was mounted and the Import window launched, you would see the memory card selected in the Devices section of the Source panel.In regards to tethering, the Canon EOS R is now supported.Adobe also maintains the complete list of tether supported cameras.If you have a camera and lens combination that suffers from this problem you can use the new Flat-Field Correction tool to remove the vignetting and color cast.The Flat-Field Correction requires what is called a calibration frame, which is a second photo with the same lighting and lens settings (lens, aperture, focal length, and focusing distance) as the actual photo, but shot through a plastic diffusion card (such as an Expo Disc® or similar).

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In those cases where the sensor is very close to the back of the lens a situation can occur where asymmetrical vignetting can appear on the photo (and that vignette can also come with a magenta color cast on the right side and green cast on the left).

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