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Updating 6 06 to 6 10

If you have a problem with the updating process, download and run this updater instead.If you have any trouble getting the update to work, please email [email protected] a link to a full installer.Some of these are: Built-in support for the Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) allows applets to immediately reuse extensions originally designed for Java Web Start applications such as the components of the Java FX runtime, support for hardware accelerated 3D graphics, video playback, spatialized audio and more.For more information, please see the following links: This release introduces a fully hardware accelerated graphics pipeline based on the Microsoft Direct3D 9 API, translating into improved rendering of Swing or Java2D applications which rely on alpha compositing, gradients, arbitrary transformations, filtering and other more advanced 2D operations.This problem exists for Windows 64-bit 6u10 b31 and subsequent releases.When installing the Windows 64-bit JDK, the first part of the installation goes well, however the following error message is displayed at the beginning of the JRE installation: command does not work.

Such a user, having a previous 6u10 build installed, will not be able to auto update to a newer version. by means of an , there are checkboxes for setting Sun JRE or Microsoft JRE.

Note that this is part of the license agreement for the Sun JRE, and selecting silent installation will bypass the acceptance of that agreement.

Silent installation should not be used where this is a concern. On Windows XP Pro SP3 (32bits), when installing JRE 6u10 or later and using MSI install options (quiet mode, no user interaction). This feature release does not contain any new fixes for security vulnerabilities to its previous release, Java SE 6 Update 7.

If you have any trouble getting the update to work, please email [email protected] a link to a full installer.

It is essential that you include your serial number with this request. The update is only free to people who already own Prism 6.

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Note that as of this release, the next generation Java Plug-in is provided.