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The online matchmaking service has the slogan: “Who Needs Money? I’m single and I like being spoiled.” As well as paying for flights and five-star hotels in a bid to impress Natalie, suitors have showered her with designer clothes, swept her off her feet in their sports cars and welcomed her aboard their yachts.Beautiful People Travel the World for Free.” It’s aimed unashamedly at young women who are blessed with good looks, with the inference that the plain need not apply. Most of her dates have been wealthy older businessmen who are too busy to find love.I’ve been single for over 2 years, nomadic for almost a year, and my dating life is practically nonexistent. So I do, and I did, and here are the 7 guys I’ve met while dating as a digital nomad. HAHAHAHHA this is the guy you meet out at a bar or on tinder that is only here for the weekend.You’re constantly moving, people don’t understand your lifestyle, you or they don’t want to get too attached to the thought that you might be somewhere else tomorrow. He’s here with the boys for a bachelor party or guy’s weekend.I mean there’s assholes everywhere in the dating world, doesn’t matter if you’re 100 meters or 1000 miles away from home, there will always be assholes out there. Here are the 7 different kind of guys I've met while dating as a digital nomad.The guys that are just looking to hookup, the ones that won’t call back, and the ones that are plain RUDE. No matter how many guys I meet and how many dates I go on unless he lives my lifestyle or is open to potentially starting this lifestyle he'll always be the guy that won't be there tomorrow. | Digital Nomad | Dating | Nomadic | Lifestyle " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ fit=667,1024&ssl=1" class="alignnone wp-image-3605" src="https://i1com/ resize=305,468" alt="Dating sucks no matter where you are in the world. w=735&ssl=1 735w" sizes="(max-width: 305px) 100vw, 305px" data-recalc-dims="1" / Dating sucks no matter where you are in the world.This guy takes you on one, two, three dates, and after date 3 falls in love.

But being a digital nomad where you move every 3-6 months can be even harder on the dating life. He tries to one-up your every move and will try to convince you that the way you’re traveling is wrong.Natalie, from Canterbury in Kent, estimates that her jet-setting over the past two years would have cost £60,000. Natalie says they have all been “perfect gentlemen” and while she doesn’t feel under pressure to sleep with them she “doesn’t rule it out”.Other countries Natalie has visited include Turkey, Dubai and the US.He just wants to get drunk and have a good time; after all, he is on holiday.This is typical when dating in the non-nomad community. I left my home country and everything there, and 2. They aren’t open to the idea of relocating anywhere for you (even though you’re open to the idea of staying at a place longer if the right person comes along).

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Natalie signed up to a dating agency with a difference.