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Thermoluminescence can test fired clay such as pottery, earthenware and terracotta, as well as porcelain, stoneware and the casting cores of bronzes.

Artemis Testing Lab can test pieces from any culture, as long as they have been fired to above 500°C and the clay contains a sufficient quantity of TL minerals (quartz and/or feldspars), as well as radioactive inclusions (normally uranium, thorium and a radioactive form of potassium). Generally speaking, when a sample is drilled and there is no information available about the burial environment, one may expect /- 25% uncertainty, and this is more than adequate for authentication where the question is whether the piece was fired in antiquity or recently.

With any of our testing services, you can expect to receive your Test Results within 7 days or less from when we receive your item(s). Expedited testing available with results back in as little as 3 business days.

X-Ray Fluorescence / XRF spectroscopy is widely used for qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis of archaeological samples.

The older the pottery is, the more radiation it will have absorbed, and the brighter it will glow.

This glow is measured to calculate the approximate age of the pottery.

TL Testing can be used to analyze fired pottery, earthenware and terracotta, and the casting cores of bronzes.

Artemis Testing Lab also offers authentication, a non-destructive analytical technique to determine the elemental composition of materials.

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Results are guaranteed and can be delivered within as little as a few days.

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