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Maybe they saw a high match percentage online but ultimately found they weren’t really that compatible after all once they met in person.This kind of thing happens I wish I had a dollar for every time I went on a date with someone I met online and walked away thinking, ‘She’s definitely not the one.’ So, essentially, the research ethics in cases like OKCupid’s study can be determined by the harm principle (no harm, no foul, even if some deception is used).In their experiment, OKCupid randomly selected some of its users to see a very high match percentage (90%) when, in reality, their actual match was much lower (30%).Importantly, OKCupid users had no idea that the match % they saw was actually fake.Some people claim that the Facebook study probably would have passed IRB approval at a university if it were held to the same standards.Facebook also has its own “internal review process” (their words), but we don’t know if this is similar to university IRBs.

Their ethical defense has been basically to claim that (a) participants’ gave consent to be experimented on when they signed the terms of use (though most people don’t read it fully) and (b) people should assume that they are experimented on when they use the internet at all.Perhaps unsurprisingly, users were more likely to exchange messages with each other when they Read about a classic experiment here that shows this effect.In both of these cases (OKCupid and the psychological research cited in the prior sentence), the experimenters used deception.However, the use of deception doesn’t necessarily mean those experiments were unethical.According to standards for experimental ethics, researchers may use deception in their research if the risk of harm to participants is low.

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OKCupid ordinarily uses a matching algorithm to give people a sense for how much they have in common with other users.

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