Tfs workspace not updating

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Tfs workspace not updating

Click the save button to update the workspace with your filter changes.If the workspace is shared with co-workers, then they automatically receive the saved changes as well.Anyway, in January 2014, after three years with TFS, we finally moved to Git.With 1.5 years of experience, I think we're entitled to having an opinion about how they compare.Now that we’ve sorted it out, let me make something clear: my goal is not to bash TFVC, I respect it as an important tool that played an important role to the success of TFS.

TFVC on the other side has a really heavy way of dealing with branches — every branch you create is a complete copy of your project together with all of it’s dependencies (such as the node_modules folders on node and front-end projects).Truth is, nowadays I hear more people avoiding TFS because they believe that TFVC is the only version control tool available on TFS than I hear people actually praising TFVC as a version control solution.So I separated some reasons while I think it’s definitely worth the switch (most of these are based on my own past experiences from a TFVC to Git migration).I found that to be a much rarer case though, most enterprises shouldn’t have trouble by segregating access to the code by creating separate repositories for each team or project, for example.This one might not affect people on Azure Dev Ops as much as it affects people on TFS, but since there were some Azure availability issues recently, both may be affected by it.

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Both Visual Studio Online (Microsoft's TFS-in-the-cloud), Git Hub and Bit Bucket support this heavily.

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