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Tennis matches football dating

Federer, to everyone's surprise, found himself two sets to love down.Nadal was playing the best grass court tennis of his life.But once again, Federer found some of that grass court magic he carries with himself and mounted a charge. I have Been watching tennis for over 50 years and this was the ABSOLUTE BEST EVER!Two thrilling tiebreakers, two sets to Federer, game on. I would argue the best sporting encounter of all time, not just best tennis match.Perhaps to see a new winner of the highly prestigious Wimbledon crown.

The difference between the two eras developed a wholly different game - for example, what we in the old era called "hacking" (playing predominantly from the back of the court) where with old wooden rackets you would be more likely beaten by a good net player, especially on grass, in the new era this style became the norm on all surfaces.Wow clash of titans Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal (2012 Australian Open Final) Federer Vs Nadal 2008 Wimbledon finals was simply super human, but this Australian Open 2012 match was no doubt the greatest ever.No other match in tennis history beats the class, fitness and the intensity of this.As a Roddick fan, both my favorite and least-favorite match. His effort was superhuman against his lifelong bogeyman.So tight and entertaining match, it's a shame that it isn't in the top 3.

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