Swiss women dating

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Swiss women dating

I guess this culture is better known in younger people but even for me (as I said, 29 years old) it's still very weird to hear even after growing up with all the american dating culture tropes in movies, tv-series and novels.

She also mentioned that she would "probably" not have had sex with me on the 3rd date if I had put the moves on her, so I'm glad that I decided to play the slow game and didn't create an awkward situation or otherwise fuck it up. I'd like to know quite early on if a man has an interest in me, but I'm also a little anxious and self-questioning.

I'd suggest, especially if you are "older" in reddit terms, that you abstain from dating multiple women at the same time and especially fucking them, if you have a strong romantical interest in this one woman. I mean yes, of course at one point we determine if we're actually a couple, but if you date someone you tend to not date other people at the same time.

If you were on a date with me and you'd tell me you are dating other women I'd assume you were NOT actually interested in me romantically and/or only sexually.

And I only just now saw that you met her on Tinder.

Which is kinda known for fast hook ups even here in Switzerland. She could be prefering any of the above mentioned types of men. My female friends like very different type of men, and I do too.

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We've gone on exactly two dates -- so far I've been very specific only to suggest date-y activities like getting drinks, dining out, going for a hike and getting a bite to eat, watching the sunset, etc.