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Stop intimidating boss

Once we’ve begun to deal with intimidation, we’ll be able to move forward with constructive and possibly reparative conversations to establish better norms.

Being told we are intimidating—and more so becoming aware that we actually have been intimidating—can be a bitter pill to swallow.

” Or you may think it is so obvious as to be trivial.

The fact of the matter is that power plays a critical role in human relations, even though our relationships are grounded in love and mutuality, a desire for equality and fairness, and community and collaboration.

When people lack the ability to self-reflect with nuance and have not recognized that there may be multiple facets of oneself operating together and sometimes at odds, seeing other people as intimidating is more likely to be a reflection of their own disavowed character traits. The result of a history of being repeatedly intimidated — When we have been bullied, neglected, or otherwise victimized, there is a good chance that we will over-read threat in others as a self-protective measure.

—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Intimidation is a hidden undercurrent in many of our relationships, ranging from subtle and uncertain to clear and abusive.

Talking about intimidation is difficult by definition, given the actual and perceived risks associated with saying something, and fixing it is challenging.

We often don’t know any alternate ways to respond when we feel like we're failing at something we should be able to ace.

Being labeled as intimidating can be confusing What happens when someone tells us they find us intimidating?

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