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Stanley plane iron dating

Another tool pal of mine, from longuyland, has seen one before.

These two examples are the only ones I know of in tooldom. Again, not found in the original type study - it's about this time that the backs of the cap iron are no longer blued, but are just finished like the fronts, with nothing.

There were often variations used on block planes and other tools. I will try to photograph better examples as time goes by.

Continuing on our illustrated Type study list Part 1 The Collector's model years Type 1 to 7 can be found here TYPE 8 Stanley 1899-1902 All features of Type 7 except; "S" casting marks eliminated from castings Only one patent date left on the lateral lever 7-24-88 TYPE 9 Stanley 1902-1907 Major changes All features of Type 8 except; "B" casting marks eliminated from castings Patent date eliminated from lateral lever Bailey name now cast on toe.

The more the blade is out, the less you can advance the frog.

Also since the range is small, the position of the slot in the cap iron that engage the yoke, is critical for achieving proper operation.

They now have a waist to them whereas the earlier ones are cylindrical over their length.A turn of this screw will move the frog forward or backward, depending on the direction it is turned.These two cutaway pics from Paul Sellers shows the small range of blade advance and retraction.This is an area where the type study is very weak, in my opinion.But it's understandable since there are so many configurations of these planes.

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My observations tell me that any combination of the following features is possible for these planes.