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Especially when you want to say something to everyone and not have to message each single one in your department, or your company.With this group, just be sure you never send a message by mistake.The girlies clearly need their own chat group…or more.One for gossip, one for personal secrets, one for dating stories, one for this, one for that.However if you would like to search them on Skype, you will have a small chance to meet them.Since you can’t search people on Skype by location, you will need to find a few names.

Of course, it’s often a lot nicer to chat on the phone, or meet in person, but let’s face it: there are times we just want to say one silly thing and there are other times when we really don’t want to meet in person (and other times when we really should even though we don’t want to…).Especially if you have two (or ten) groups for your friends. Below you find a list of some fun names we’ve found/come up with and feel free to add more in the comments!Family Group Chat Names Staying in touch with family members (without having to call, or visit them) has never been easier.Pick a family group chat name that you’ll remember as well – you really don’t want to message your family by mistake with things that should only be heard by your friends…Below is a list of adorable, shocking, horrid and fun family group chat names!Group Chat Names for Siblings Siblings are both a great annoyance and a great relief.

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