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2012 has been another banner year for degenerate celebrity depravity.As proof, below are the top 25 celebrity butt photos taken in the year 2012.Banged out old whores from the 1990’s Paris Hilton and Tara Reid both tried to stay relevant by posting slutty photos to their Instagram accounts this weekend.As you can see in the photo above, Paris Hilton took a selfie of her surprisingly full cleavage while wearing a bathrobe and waiting to get her genital ..This is one of those photos ,she is pulling her panties to her ,and as she is pulling we can see how her clitoris shows under this panties .Paris Hilton nude nipples are also seen on this sexy photo of her ,as she does just a simple posing ,to attract man and women .

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Clearly Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton were about to “hook up” as the infidels say.

The militant strands of STDs that will surely form from this most unholy union will reign down ..

Finally the true nature of the entertainment industry can be viewed in all its degenerate glory. Paris Hilton has never looked classier than she did this weekend while out partying in her Miley Cyrus inspired Halloween costume.

Normally Paris Hilton looks like a vile gutter skank unfit to lick a camel’s taint.

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” simply confirms our brilliant holy Muslim insight into the nature of the infidel celebrity. Rich whore Paris Hilton makes her triumphant return to the spotlight with this picture of her tight ass in a thong bikini.