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There are cases, like Grace’s, involving attackers known to the victim, as well as a torrent of rape allegations against government and rebel troops.In December, Yasmin Sooka, chair of the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan, said the scale of sexual violence in the country had reached “crisis proportions” and described the levels of gang rape as “epic.” In addition, she said, widespread stigma leads to underreporting of sexual violence.Though South Sudan’s assembly even before independence passed a law in 2008 limiting the marriage age to 18 and over, it is rarely enforced, particularly in rural areas.Roughly 17% of girls marry before they are 15, and nearly a quarter marry between 15 and 17, according to the government’s last survey in 2010.Feel free to contact us If you need some content to be removed for any reasons!UNHCR has documented 570 cases of sexual or gender-based violence among the South Sudanese refugees living in the Bidibidi camp, in north Uganda.

– Grace sits staring vacantly ahead, her hands tightly clasped in her lap.

And without more resources, health experts say, many of the violence survivors in the camp will never get the help they need to cope with the aftermath of their attack. She is one of 36 victims of sexual violence receiving cognitive behavioral therapy from Transcultural Psychosocial Organization ( social worker Shifah Uzamukunda.

“We encourage them to share their experiences, and teach them about trauma.” The organization also provides therapeutic activities like dancing, drama and singing.

In February, the says only 36 percent of the 1 million requested by the United Nations to cope with the South Sudanese refugee situation in Uganda has been received.

“The South Sudan refugee emergency has been chronically and severely underfunded, and as a result provision of essential services on the rapidly growing refugee population of Bidibidi and other settlements remains a challenge,” says Jens Hessemann, senior field coordinator for working in Bidibidi camp, many survivors of sexual violence will carry their trauma with them for the rest of their lives. “It imprints on children’s memories for a long time and can lead to personality change.

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