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Sex dating in pinole california

Shavies said he panicked, paid on a credit card, and left.

His wife found out about the massage when she questioned why there were two charges to the Mayflower Massage Parlor on a credit card bill, later telling investigators that she was suspicious because Shavies didn’t like massages.

He also wrote that Shavies’ ex-wife had found other instances where he had visited sex workers, and that Shavies had searched online for massage parlors where sex was available on a website, Rub

“It happened so quick,” Shavies told investigators several times when asked why he didn’t stop the unwanted sexual massage, according to an interview transcript in his divorce file.

Police took a report and referred the matter to Child Protective Services, according to records.

After a reporter questioned the chief about the further indiscretions and abuse allegations revealed in Shavies’ divorce file, Gang responded via email that he spoke with Shavies’ ex-wife and was satisfied with her exaggeration claims and continued to support Shavies.

It was unclear what Gang knew about the domestic abuse allegations prior to being contacted by this news organization. When asked why Alameda County did not release the complete termination documents to this news agency, a sheriff’s department spokesman said the massage parlor incident, which occurred when Shavies was off duty, did not fall under the law’s disclosure requirements.

Court records also show Shavies’ now ex-wife accused him of physical abuse and of beating his sons with belts.

In one instance, she wrote that he came home from work and flew into a rage because the couple’s son refused to put on his pajamas and go to bed.

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