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Sample office dating policy

You could use these pets as effective marketing strategies to help lighten up the mood of your clients and even put a smile on their face.When clients are happy and without stress then they are more likely to spend some money and make investments, as opposed to if they were in a bad or a grumpy mood.So if you have been employed in a company it is your responsibility to ensure that you have some place to keep your pet, it is not the prerogative of the office to take care of your personal problems.One of the biggest disadvantages about having most pets around is that they dirty the surroundings.One of the major advantages of having a pets in office policy is because it serves as a great way of alleviating stress.Stress is something that causes employees to go through a lot of strife not merely physically but also emotionally as well as psychologically.One of the main ones is that animals tend to make a lot of noise.

It is obvious that if someone brings his or her pet to work then a number of people are going to gather around to ask his name or to enquire how old he is.

Having an animal at workplace works wonders for those who are staying away from their home, in a new city.

Having such a policy does not come without its draw backs.

In addition to this, the topic of whether having animals around in the work place to relieve stress is really effective or not, will also be addressed.

So if you are a manager in the office wondering what you should do in this regard, then be sure to continue reading!

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Having some fury friends around in the office might certainly have a number of positives yet at the same time it cannot be denying that there are some drawbacks of this system as well.