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Rubidum strontium dating

The Rubidum-strontium dating method, is one of the ways that geologists determine the age of rocks.The utility of the rubidium-strontium isotope system results from the fact that different minerals in a given geologic setting can have distinctly different Sr.Rubidium mettal can be produced by reducing Rubidium Chloride with Calcium among other methods.Rubidium forms at least four oxides: Rb Rubidium is easily ionized, so it has been considered for use in ion engines for space vehicles (but Cesium and Xenon are more efficient for this purpose).Heavy radioactive elements (parent nuclei) decay to form daughter products that are as varied in number as the parents. To find the decay mode and end products of the radioactive decay for a… Only isotopes 234, 235, and 237 of neptunium can undergo alpha decay, the others decay by beta-, beta , K capture, and/or gamma decay.So the only products of neptunium alpha decay can be protactinium…Also like other alkali metals, it forms amalgams with Mercury and it can form alloys with Gold, Cesium, Sodium, and Potassium.

However at present it finds only limited application in the manufacture of cathode ray tubes.Rubidium reacts violently with water and can cause fires.To ensure both safety and purity, this element must be kept under a dry mineral oil, in a vacuum or in an inert atmosphere.It occurs naturally in the minerals Leucite, Pollucite, and Zinnwaldite, which contains traces of up to 1% of its oxide.Lepidolite contains 1.5% Rubidium and this is the commercial source of the element.

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Rubidium is very soft and highly reactive, with properties similar to other elements in group 1, like rapid oxidation in air.