Richard gomez lucy torres dating

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Richard gomez lucy torres dating


Subsequently, on December 6, 2009, one of the opposing candidates, Buenaventura Juntilla (Juntilla), filed a Verified Petition, alleging that Richard, who was actually a resident of College Street, East Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila, misrepresented in his Co C that he resided in 910 Carlota Hills, Can-adieng, Ormoc City.

In view of the aforementioned substitution, Richards votes were credited in favor of private respondent and as a result, she was proclaimed the duly-elected Representative of the Fourth District of Leyte.

On May 11, 2010, Juntilla filed an Extremely Urgent Motion to resolve the pending May 9, 2010 Motion relative to Resolution No. for quo warranto before the HRET in order to oust private respondent from her congressional seat, claiming that: (1) she failed to comply with the one (1) year residency requirement under Section 6, Article VI of the Constitution considering that the transfer of her voter registration from San Rafael Bulacan to the Fourth District of Leyte was only applied for on July 23, 2009; (2) she did not validly substitute Richard as his Co C was void ab initio; and (3) private respondents Co C was void due to her non-compliance with the prescribed notarial requirements i.e., she failed to present valid and competent proof of her identity before the notarizing officer.

The recommendation reads: STUDY AND OBSERVATION On the same date, this Department received an Opposition from Mr. Juntilla, thru his counsel, opposing the candidacy of Ms. The crux of the opposition stemmed from the issue that there should be no substitution because there is no candidate to substitute for.

Lucy Marie Torres Gomez, as a substitute candidate for Mr. It must be stressed that the resolution of the First Division, this Commission, in SPA No.

During the preliminary conference, and as shown in the Preliminary Conference Order dated September 2, 2010, the parties agreed on the following issues for resolution: which dismissed the quo warranto petition and declared that private respondent was a qualified candidate for the position of Leyte Representative (Fourth Legislative District).

Lucy even jested that she’s just twenty-seven years old.

LUCY TORRES – Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez revealed her request to Juliana, her daughter with her actor-turned-politician husband Richard Gomez.

Celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez now have a seventeen-year-old daughter.

She expressed that she is still into the traditional way of courtship and she wants to know the peers of her 17-year-old daughter.

According to the 43-year-old Congresswoman, even her husband Richard Gomez is not ready for it but she always tells him that it cannot be avoided. Based on the report, Lucy Torres-Gomez just wanted her daughter Juliana to be with the right man and what she can do for it is to pray.

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granting Juntillas petition without any qualification. The dispositive portion of which reads: WHEREFORE, premises considered, the Commission RESOLVED, as it hereby RESOLVE, to GRANT the Petition to Disqualify Candidate for Lack of Qualification filed by BUENAVENTURA O. In response to various letter-requests submitted to the COMELECs Law Department (Law Department), the COMELEC En Banc, in the exercise of its administrative functions, issued Resolution No.