Revox a77 dating Free wife chat

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Revox a77 dating

It can also be remotely controlled, I'm not sure if the A77 can do that.

Transrotor Rossini Turntable w/Jelco SA-750DB Audio Note Io Gold Cart.It's also a great performer that took top honors in almost every contemporary review. Plus it includes a remote control for transport functions. Garrard Gallery Thorens Gallery Systems Gallery Lenco Gallery SP-10 GALLERY Articles and Reviews Alignment FAQ Interesting Vinyl R2R Tape Gallery Plinth Builder's Gallery Idler Drive Cartridge Gallery Teres What's Under Your Turntable DIY Dept Reading List Links Misc.Photo back to Revox index start date: 2/13/2018 The Revox A77 reel to reel tape recorder Above: Down to the bones. 2/21/2018 Below: previously In disassembly Capstan notes: After taking these photos and looking them over in detail I have determined that this recorder will require more money invested for replacement parts than its final value will be after a restoration. Mainly, it is saved from the scrap heap due to its good external cosmetics.

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I ended up getting the A77 The other deck was in a fairly bad way and he was asking top whack and it was not 15" ips so i settled on the A77 as a long term diy restoration project.