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Control To Validate: This property is used to indicate which control the validation control is to validate.Display: This property provides three possible values.There could be millions of records with inconsistent and erroneous information.All these instances will skew your reports and make your business intelligence efforts more ambiguous.Data can come from many different sources such as other internal systems, other external systems, and other components of the same system.In this situation, it is not sufficient to rely solely on the presentation layer for validation.Validating Data Often, bad data doesn't affect your organization until someone tries to report against it or some business intelligence project uncovers the presence of inconsistencies.

This means that blank space is occupied by the control when it is not showing a message.

Error Message: This property is generally associated with the Validation Summary control.

Fore Color: Use this property to set the color of the inline error message when validation fails.

NET 2.0 offers a wide variety of ways to capture user input.

This translates to, many opportunities for users to provide bad data.

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However, for those browsers that support Java Script, the validation controls can perform client-side validation as well as server-side validation.

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