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Junk food like cake and cookies are quite delish but if you didn’t know it, white sugar is one of the most inflammatory foods you can eat.

Instead of grabbing the junk foods, start swapping out dessert for fruit and you might wake up looking totally refreshed and with less puffiness under your eyes too!

Every since my bout with Graves Disease and the removal of my thyroid, I’ve been on a mission to discover non-aggressive treatments. Here are some great tips and a solid understanding of why we get puffy eyes and what we can do to help reduce them.

There is a multitude of reasons we get swollen and puffy eyes.

Regardless of the season, you shouldn’t go through it with puffy, runny, red eyes.

The good news is you can learn the whys and hows of what causes puffy eyes and what you can do to help reduce them.

If you read my makeup and skincare articles, you might remember reading about my constant struggle with puffy eyes.Overeating foods that don’t supply us with the proper nourishment can definitely cause puffy eyes.Especially foods that contain higher amounts of salt can likewise cause puffiness under the eyes.Presumably, the absolute most common reason for puffy eyes is sensitivities which can be anything from residue to dust to specific food or beverages you might be allergic too.Maintaining a strategic distance from known allergens is the best way to prevent this from occurring in any case.

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There’s might not be anything you can do about your cycle, but you can try some eye creams that do work.