Problems updating catalyst

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Problems updating catalyst

If it’s still stuck on the same screen after a reboot, then attempt to boot it up in safe mode to see if it can boot up successfully when all third-party apps are disabled.

If the safe mode remedy failed, then boot your phone in recovery and wipe the cache partition; just follow the instructions in the previous problem. The first boot up is for firmware optimization and if your apps won’t appear, reboot your phone.

As a result, the phone may return an error indicating the update wasn’t complete.

The most common cause of interrupted download is unstable internet connection and more often than not, if this happens, the installation will fail, too. For interrupted or failed update, you just have to try again especially if your previous updates were successful.

You may need to reboot your phone 3 or 4 times to get every single app you previously installed work again.

So far, there’s no other solution to this problem as there were very few reports that the phone was reset during an update.

The good thing is, if problems occur, there are always ways around them and that’s what I will tackle in this post as an answer to our reader’s question.It is recommended that after getting the prompt that the update failed, you have to reboot your phone and re-attempt to download.Other options you have are to use Samsung Kies, manually install the firmware using ODIN or bring the phone immediately to your carrier or service provider to be checked.Corrupt files and caches are often the cause of this problem.While many users tend to panic immediately once their phones refused to boot up successfully, it’s actually very easy to fix–wipe the cache partition. That’s the first thing you should do if your phone cannot get past the Samsung logo immediately after an update.

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If for some reason, your phone couldn’t complete the update, you need to check your internet connectivity first.

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