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Postcard dating by stamp box

They became well known for their hand colored photos, labeled Artographs, taken during expeditions they launched into remote mountain ranges.

Much of this work was used by railroad companies; especially the Great Northern for whom he became their official photographer.

With his career rising Fred broke the partnership with his brother in 1905 and established the Kiser Photo Company.A publisher of picture books and postcards, founded by Yoshimura Kiyobei during the Taisho Era.They produced lithographic reproductions of famous japanese woodblock prints, especially of Yakusha Hagaki, those expressive portraits of actors.An important printer of fine lithographic cards in both continuous tone and halftone.Many cards were made depicting scenes from the First World War.

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In 1913 he left his company in favor of his mining interests, though he still made two long trips to photograph the Islands of the Pacific and the Great Barrier Reef.

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