Peavey classic 50 dating

Posted by / 21-Jun-2020 14:47

Peavey classic 50 dating

Jeff, Your answers to questions in Premier Guitar have left me me to believe that you might know what I am hearing when I use my Peavey Classic 50/410 combo.

I love the tone that I get, but there seems to be an intermittent swirl sound that happens while I am playing.

I have been using a nice Digitech G300 poweramp for 20yrs. I used to use a Mesa 50/50 and it never sounded right with Marshall style preamps. I really liked using this with my Egnater M4 and Axe-fx because it's quite transparent.

You did not mention the last time you had done this, but a good rule of thumb nowadays is six months to two years, depending on how often and how loud you play.While I have not had the opportunity to install one of their recent upgrade kits, I have heard from players who have had the opportunity to compare stock and upgraded amps side by side, and they tell me the difference is quite noticeable.One even found it hard to believe they were the same model amps—so I’d have to say that if you have a discerning ear, it may be a worthwhile investment for you. Jeff Bober is one of the godfathers of the low-wattage amp revolution.If neither of these alleviates the symptom, at least the amp has a fresh set of tubes and should sound great once the cause has been found and the problem remedied.To further explore the possible causes, I posed your question to John, an engineer friend of mine at Peavey, and I believe we may have another possible answer for you.

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