Pb and marceline dating

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Pb and marceline dating

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It is a dysfunctional society when children can't be taught that girls can like other girls. I think Marceline and Bubblegum are both great representations of strong women that have had heterosexual relationships but, at some point in their thousand-year relationship, fell for one another, instead.

I understand it, but again is it NECESSARY for the show?

I would rather it be something they HINT at, not something explicit.

Let the PB & Marceline fantasies be left for the community.

I don't think this is what is needed for the show.”), PB and Marcy are still in “slow-burn” mode; that this is all leading to some future payoff, and we really can look at everything we’re seeing as flirtation. They “Varmints” showed PB coming to a place where she was ready to allow herself to expose her vulnerabilities and have Marcy back as a girlfriend, and then all of “Stakes” was about Marcy getting to the point where she was mature enough to handle that.The larger romantic beats of their relationship are entirely explicated and really leave almost no room for any sort of deniability (though just enough if you’re working as a Russian TV executive).There's plenty (I mean PLENTY) of proof and having their relationship open instead of subtext would be great for the LBGTQ community. “Bubbline,” that being Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum and Marceline Abadeer [the Vampire Queen…not that she seems to have subjects about whom she’s particularly concerned], *has* sailed. That’s what I argued the episode “Broke His Crown” revealed, because I’m sorry, but even flirty friendos do not just casually clean up each other’s faces: Now, in the comment section, many of you tried to assure me that despite the trollish nature of that episode (“So, you got a boyfriend yet?! I don’t know if it’s because I heard there was an episode where Marcy would sing a song and my mind assumed “oh here’s the romantic payoff” so my expectations were subverted; I don’t know if it’s because Cartoon Network has the wonkiest scheduling ever so it feels like Season 7 is basically over; I don’t know if it’s because this picked right up on the trollishness where “Broke His Crown” left off; whatever the reason, any optimism I might have had is gone.

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I honestly hate ships that get together instantly (). After reading Marceline gone adrift, I feel romantic things are bound to occur between the two.