Paypal validating address information Sex discussion and dating

Posted by / 14-Mar-2020 22:03

If the zip check has failed, it's because the bank is telling the payment processor that the zip code does not match the one it has on file.

If the cardholder has recently moved, it may take their bank a while to have the correct zip code on file for them.

I also noticed that Paypal offers a "verified ID" service so that we can be sure that the proposed paypal account is truly who the user says they are.

I haven't investigated this API deeply, but think there is probably a creative way I can use this tight coupling between a Paypal ID, and the HTTP/REST result returned to my application to verify various aspects of the buyer.

However, CVC verification does not protect against physical theft of a card, or card information used on a compromised computer or website that isn’t secure.

The result of the CVC, address, and zip/postal code checks are ones that most payment processors pass directly through from the cardholder's bank.

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This seems to be an issue with the Billing Address not being returned if there isn't a shipping address(in the case of checking out with a virtual product): JCCA I can replicate this with virtual products but physical products are working.