Park hee soon is dating park ye jin wife is dating another woman

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Park hee soon is dating park ye jin

SYJ portrays a scene with subtly great expressions. Is it my fault to think that because of their looks? Ye Jin Son has been my favorite actress (of any country) since I saw her in 2003's The Classic, which I still believe to be the best Korean film ever made. It will be wonderful if you can work with Ju Ji-Hoon in a romance. overnight, she suddenly become my #1 actress in my heart. Waoh,i love son ye jin and her drama,most especially personal taste.i was even praying for u and lee min ho to be couple,u guyz drama make me get addicted to korean films,i will continue watching korean films till i it up!! I saw son yejin in personnal taste and a walk to remember...She told her "husband, "Woo-Jin, that she would save a place for him in Cloudland, then looked away and kept still as tears welled up her left eye -- her sad and silent expression spoke volumes, even though we see only the side view of her face. Later, as she touched Woo-Jin's face and embraced him, there was something in her moves that portrayed profound sorrow and emotion. Well people loves how good-looking they are, its not their fault. If they do acted together, I would rest in peace happily ever after. I will watch her in anything (and I've pretty much watched everything she's ever done). Not like another beautiful actress who famous just because of their looks, Son Ye-jin also talented and her acting is really natural. I liked her and I said to myself i'll give shark a try...Sports Chosun, a Korean sports daily also owned by The Chosun Ilbo, resurrected the ceremony in 1990 and it has been held annually since then.Wealthy plastic surgeon Gong Ki Tae is a successful and happy bachelor who does not want to find himself a wife.Earlier, she said their son Ji-ho will grow up to be handsome because he looked like dad, "... I can say more about other scenes (as I can see the movie in my mind now), but will just comment that of all the good actors -- Korean, Chinese, American etc -- only Robert Downey Jr (Tony Stark of Ironman, Avengers) has such powerful acting abilities. When i watched Art of Seduction and Spellbound, she make me laugh with her acting. and Then I was amazed by her natural beauty and talent!! And ever since, have been hunting for your movies bt unfortanately korean dramas are hard to come by in nigeria. she so beautiful *o* She is the best korean actress that I know, she is so versatile! Currently I believe that the beautiful and Cute Son Ye Jin is one of the best actress in Korean!I haven't watched more than 5 korean TV dramas since 2006 (which is why I didn't see SYJ acting). In A Moment to Remember, she can make me cry because of her acting and she's overshined Kim Nam-gil in Shark. You seem so naive but you definitely have your inner goddess. good choice of your come-back drama, you are superb!! Although have seen other korean dramas like, city hunter, playful kiss bridal mask, faith, sweet spy, i think u are d best korean actress have seen. There isn't anything that she can't do, this is what I really think about her! Look how many awards di she have in her age (more than 30 awards) … Son Ye Jin acting performance is always good and constantly look much better and better… Nice person, friendly, peace lover and far from any gossip.I'm amazed at how versatile you are for portraying different types of characters. I am thankful that Netflix finally has a wonderful drama. Your character reminds me of another real princess and leader who was taken from us. Thank you for all the work you put in to playing the role of the Princess. Excuse me Fatoomchan, no one asked you comment let alone visit her profile you unni, a very good actor who knows how to express even the minutest of change in emotions, keep up the good work, love you in family outing, you have a very god command on the roles you have played in all your movies so far, love you in mr idol, rebirth, my princess, QSD. She's definitely an accomplished actress, whose basic personality is self-controlled and cool and understated. Have you never heard of a little saying that goes like, "if you have nothing good to say about someone, then don't say thing at all?

This for sure was the best display of love ever created on film and the main characters made us believe it! I started watching Korean movies and TV series only after I watched your movies, im really a great fan of you... And thank you for all the movies in which you have played a role they are just beautiful like you.???????? I happen to see the drama "personal taste" and guess what you made me love this drama and completed it in 2 days due to curiosity. ♥️♥️♥️ After thoroughly enjoying the series "Live," I wanted to see more series and films from Korea. u caught my eye that i keep on watching ur other drama & movie too..

Son Ye-Jin said she enjoyed acting in Be With You, and also suggested a few ideas during the filming. In 2004 First I watched Moment to remember, then I fall in love with her. THANK YOU so much for the the movie that I am going to have always in my mind as touch to the heaven. Bowing before you son ye jin is not just a goddess looking actress now it's a profound versatile actress...

If she is reading my comments, perhaps she can share what and how she helped to make it a great and better experience for us, and mention couple of the scenes she especially likes. you are the reason i got addicted to korean dramas and movie.... ;) love all her movies and dramas, just like the perfect match and the movie "art of seduction" its so funny, ..

The Blue Dragon Film Awards and Grand Bell Awards are the most popular film awards in South Korea.

It was created in 1963 by The Chosun Ilbo newspaper and discontinued in 1973.

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Hope to see "Pirates" and "Last Princess" where she won Best Actress for portraying the "unfathomable depth of Princess Deokyak 's emotional ups and downs" -- yes, this is what SYJ does -- which bagged her Best Actress, one of her 21 best actress awards, can any global actors beat that? She changed her style from innocent girl/women to adult women since his performance in Art of seduction (one of her funniest movie beside Crazy First love).

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