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Use these questions to help figure out if you have been targeted by a scammer.

Most scams start with an approach through contact you weren’t expecting.

It’s illegal to sell financial products through a cold call in New Zealand.

If you’re contacted in this way, it’s likely to be a scam.

Gift cards or i Tunes vouchers are a common currency for scammers.

Scammers can contact you pretending to be from a government department, law firm, telco or other trusted business, suggesting an urgent payment needs to be made using i Tunes or other vouchers in exchange for solving an issue.

A scammer with access to your computer can also monitor your online activity to discover internet banking passwords or government service logins.

If you have given remote access to your computer: Phishing is when you are sent an email or text by someone claiming to be from a bank, other financial institution or government agency.

In these scams, it can seem like the value of your currency is growing when it’s not.

This can include goods or services at bargain prices.

Sometimes a scammer will say this deal is available for a very limited time to make you act fast.

If you have given money to an advance fee scam: A remote access or technical support scam is when someone offers to fix a problem with your computer by connecting to it.

This might be via an unexpected phone call or fake online advertisement.

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Banks will never contact you by email to confirm personal or financial information.

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