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The inside cover says that it was first copyrighted in 1897. "A Comprehensive Cyclopedia of Information for the Home" ... Cooking, toilet and household recipes, menus, dinner-giving table etiquette, care of the sick, health suggestions, facts worth knowing, etc" by Hugo Ziemann (steward of the White House) and Mrs. There is a dedication on the inside that says: "To the wives of our Presidents, those noble women who have graced the White House, and whose names and memories are dear to all Americans, the volume is affectionately dedicated by the author." see this page Another favorite old recipe book is from 1927, and it's called the "Modern Method of Preparing Food by Ida Bailey Allen.The front page says, "International Nutrition Authority, "Author of "Mrs.No one wants to go back to chaperones, the strict dating rules and etiquette of yesteryear, but have we gone too far the other way and made dating such a casual thing that it has lost some of the special romantic qualities, that going on a date used to have.

If they are not marked they are from my own recipe box. The problem that I have had with this cookbook is that many ingredients and utensils are not in use anymore.Being picked up from your door for a date The old school gentleman would always go to a girl’s door to take her on a date.This was much more romantic, than receiving a text saying, ‘I’m here’ from your date sitting comfortably in his car or desperately trying to find each other at a busy location where you have arranged to meet. Bringing flowers on a date Another tradition that we’ve lost, particularly on a first date, is the bringing of flowers or other gifts by a guy for his date. A text with a smiley face or a Facebook message can hardly be called romantic, just meeting for a coffee and a chat would be a lot nicer. Calling a date a date Another modern development is that people seem to feel the need to avoid calling a date a date. Why not make things clearer and, if it’s a date, then call it a date and make it something special, like it used to be? Making an effort with appearance Dressing for a date used to be a part of the overall experience.It’s not being presumptive; it’s just a sweet way to say thanks for coming with him on a date. Talking, face to face You can’t really get to know someone online or via text messages, yet this is now the modern equivalent of old fashioned courting. She would put on her best party frock and he would wear his smartest suit and comb his hair.Perhaps we don’t need to go that far these days, but a little more effort, than just the jeans and T shirt you’ve been wearing all day, wouldn’t go amiss. Switching off electronic devices Not really a big problem in the old days, but if they’d had cell phones, they’d have switched them off!

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The inside page says, Copyrighted, 1927 CORN PRODUCTS REFENCING COMPANY NEW YORK.