Master slave chat room

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Master slave chat room

Left arm is scarred on the upper side from light self mutilation.Has large hands with calloused knuckles but soft palms.

Said flesh carries many tattoo’s, ranging from a crescent moon on the palm of her hand, the Celtic band around her wrist making a delicate bracelet, to the permanent belly chain low on her hips.At one time he was somehow involved with a human cult obsessed with vampirism, his part not a cultist however.Since then he has taken advantage of the groups financial assets and not had to work a day despite the many indulgences he chases.She generally left that alter ego for when someone made the mistake of displeasing her.Changes are not brought on by the moon, though it pulls at her.

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Though most of his people were wiped out, and he as far as he knows is the last of his kind.