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Lovely complex dating game

Then she meets Atsushi Otani ("Big Valley"), captain of the basketball club, although he is short for a guy at 156 cm (5'1").

Otani's personality is a bit rough around the edges, so he and Koizumi don't hit it off well at first.

She had a crush on Suzuki before he started dating Chiharu.Right now he's in the middle of really hard studying.He's short, but as the basketball captain his spirit and perserverance are equal to anyone. Ishihara Nobuko: Lisa's reliable best friend, she doesn't miss a beat concerning fashion or love. Suzuki Ryouji: His long, slim arms and legs contribute to his mysterious, Prince Charming aura.Bring along your "Lovely Complex ~Punch de Conto~" goods to the beach!Here are the extras that come with the Limited Edition (There are limited supplies, so pre-order yours today!

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Nakao Hirayoshi: He's always smiling and happy, he's the moodmaker of the group. She and her boyfriend Nakaocchi are totally love-love. Lisa fell in love at first sight with him, but lately, it seems he is thinking of Chiharu-chan. Tanaka Chiharu: An innocent cute girl that's surrounded by a peaceful aura.

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