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They even run into Anna Farris’ character Kelly, who’s clearly a riff on Cameron Diaz (whom Spike directed in BEING JOHN MALKOVICH), as Kelly promotes a CHARLIE’S ANGELS-style film.]After they divorced in 2003, Spike began dating Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their debut album “Fever To Tell” in 2003 and became well-known very quickly. Karen and Spike broke up in 2005, but stayed creative collaborators, with Karen doing the songs for Spike’s film of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE and co-writing with Spike “The Moon Song” for HER, which got them both Oscar nominations.

Most of the pieces I’ve read about HER are about how a relationship with technology would work and how AI would evolve past us and so on.

Which is pretty incredible and resulted in both “The Moon Song” and the awesomeness that is HER. I thought it was really well put together and the score, direction, and cinematography, and thought the general aesthetic (clothes, style, architecture, etc) really effectively established it as a specific future period. I got that Rooney Mara represented Coppola when watching first time I saw movie but didn't even know he'd dated Karen O. I'm not being hyperbolic when I say this is my favorite fan theory I've ever read on here.

A movie about how a relationship could evolve beyond a romantic relationship, but still have love and collaborationtldr: HER is about Spike Jonze’s relationship with Karen O, after his divorce from Sofia Coppola. I just couldn't make myself get behind the romance. I bet I'll like it worlds better next time I see it. This definitely aligns with my interpretation of the movie: a relationship where one person starts out more savvy about the world than the other, but their partner eventually outgrows them and leaves for a world beyond their reach. It's rare that something I read here makes me see an entire film in a different light, but I'm excited to go watch Her again with this theory in mind.

Director/producer/writer/indie film guy extraordinaire Spike Jonze set the bar rather high in terms of gift-giving back in 2011.

He and his sister, Julia Spiegel Lunn, bought a .35 million condo that was reportedly a present for their mother, Sandy Granzow.

It’s the fact that Karen O and Spike wrote “The Moon Song” together.

They met in 1992 and were married from 1999 to 2003.[As a side note, which many people may already be aware of, it’s pretty clear that Giovanni Ribisi’s character in Sofia’s 2003 film LOST IN TRANSLATION was based on Spike Jonze.The condo also has lovely views towards the harbor and Brooklyn, over where Jonze’s former girlfriend Michelle Williams resides.Along with an “abundance” of closets, the apartment also has “tastefully designed custom built-ins,” per the listing held by Stribling broker Mary Ellen Cashman.depicts a recent future in which operating systems exist that can grow, learn, and adapt like human consciousness.Joaquin Phoenix’s character, the introverted, depressed Theodore Twombly, spends much of the film conversing and falling for "Samantha," an artificial intelligence voiced by Scarlett Johansson.

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I’ve had this theory about the fantastic Spike Jonze movie HER for a while, but haven’t ever seen it discussed.

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