Is audrina still dating corey 2016

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From extreme sports, Bohan became a TV personality thanks to his many appearances on The Hills.The Laguna Beach spin-off that launched Patridge’s career became the starting point of Bohan’s reality TV fame.We spent time together.”In 2015, with Patridge’s father’s permission, Bohan took his girlfriend to Summit House in Orange County, her family hiding in wait.Instead of the cheesecake they ordered for dessert, the waiter arrived with a silver platter and removed the silver cloche to reveal the ring in a box!They split during filming and by the time the series premiered, Patridge was already in a new romance with polo player, Nic Roldan.During the series premiere, she expressed her thoughts on the breakup saying, “It was a long time coming.

He also had the focus on himself in specials like the documentary, Focus: What Drives the World’s Top Athletes and The Daily Habit.

She shared on her blog: "We were thrilled to bring both our families and friends together to celebrate our lifelong commitment in one of our favorite vacation spots… " They also had a daughter together, born June 2016.

After less than a year of marriage, Audrina filed for divorce from her husband.

“Filming a reality show really takes a toll on relationships because your mindset is to create good TV,” explained Patridge.

“It’s hard on relationships, so after the show, Corey and I really worked on what was going on with us.

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reported that Audrina filed for divorce after an alleged domestic violence incident.

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